Preventative Care

Winter Springs Pediatrician, Winter Springs PediatricsMaintaining a continuous relationship between your pediatrician and child is important to the overall quality of care. With each and every wellness visit, Dr. Selsky will learn more and more about your child. During these visits is the perfect opportunity to discuss important topics such as eating, sleeping, toilet training, behavior, development, and safety. At Family First Pediatrics, we also encourage you to share questions or concerns that matter most to you about your child.

What to expect:

We will obtain physical measurements including height and weight and ask questions in order to update the health history. Depending on your child’s age, we may also do a behavioral assessments. Blood and/or urine tests, vision and/or hearing screening, immunizations, and more.

Recommended Schedule for well visits:

Winter Springs Pediatrician, Winter Springs Pediatrics2-5 Day (PDF)
1 Month (PDF)
2 Month (PDF)
4 Month (PDF)
6 Month (PDF)
9 Month (PDF)
12 Month (PDF)
15 Month (PDF)
18 Month (PDF)
2 Year (PDF)
3 Year (PDF)
4 Year (PDF)
5-6 Year (PDF)
Then Once Yearly

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